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What is RemindMe?

To be put simply - RemindMe sends SMS text message alerts or reminders to your mobile phone or a mobile number in your contacts list. Once you are registered with RemindMe your next step is to purchase credits (credits equate to SMS messages). Once you have sufficient credit on your account you can then start creating SMS reminder alerts for all those important events!


Using RemindMe for your business

RemindMe is a great way to essentially "remind" your customers of their appointments. Our client base ranges from dentist or doctor surgeries to beauty salons and even golf professionals use it to remind their students of their golf lesson times. One of the great things about RemindMe is that is very easy to use, you don't have to worry about appointments written on post-its or on pieces of paper - all you have to do is login, create the reminder and that's it - simple!

RemindMe can also be used as a marketing tool to keep in touch with your clients informing them of any special offers that you may be running.

We conducted a survey of the SMS reminders in the system and based on our data and feedback from our clients, the most popular time to set a reminder to be sent is at 8am - that way people can organise their day to suit the appointment.


Using RemindMe for personal use

Basically, rather than hiring a PA to organise your Direct Debit repayment dates (and all the other bank related functions), a more intuitive way is to use RemindMe! As we all know, every person has a credit rating and this affects EVERYTHING that we do. Some banks charge €5 or even €6 for missed direct debits - this is the reality! So, rather than trying to battle with the bank - work with it and stop these charges. Setup your SMS reminder alerts maybe 1 or 2 days before the payment is due. That way, you can check your bank balance and ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account. If you do then you can relax but if you don't...then you know what to do - transfer or lodge. The main thing is that you were prepared for it and you weren't caught "offside"!

Click here to view the full features of RemindMe.

If you would like more information on the service, you can email us using our Contact form.

What Our Clients Say

  • We are Sales & Letting Auctioneers in Co.Cork and we've been using RemindMe for the last 7 months. We now use RemindMe to manage all of this labour intensive work and as equally important...our phone bills have dramatically decreased as a result!

    Sales & Letting Auctioneers (Ireland)
  • Our costs and time have reduced considerably since we implemented RemindMe. Our clients often pay in instalments so a subtle scheduled SMS reminder helps when collecting funds.

    Travel Agent (United Kingdom)
  • Our revenue has increased by 27% since we started using RemindMe. We now run a targeted SMS marketing campaign every month and for special events i.e. Father's Day, the Communion period. Click here to see our case study

    Giftware Shop (United Kingdom)
  • RemindMe is a very cost effective SMS marketing tool to generate that much needed extra revenue

    Ladies Boutique (County Cork, Ireland)
  • My sales have significantly increased since I started using the RemindMe's Bulk SMS service. It's very simple and straightforward but extremely effective. My old customers are coming back to me! Thank you!

    Home Heating Merchant (Ireland)
  • My surgery is now operating much more efficiently since I started using RemindMe. My patients also appreciate the "personal touch" of receiving the SMS appointment reminders. Thank you

    James (Ireland)
  • We easily migrated all of our contacts to RemindMe and we now use this system to manage all of our client communications and marketing campaigns. RemindMe is an easy and feature rich system and I recommend it 100%

    George (United Kingdom)
  • RemindMe is an easy to use and feature rich system and I recommend it 100%

    Pamela (County Dublin, Ireland)