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A giftware shop

As a giftware shop owner I recognised the fact that I could not continue running expensive local radio and newspaper adverts on a regular basis so I registered with RemindMe to explore SMS marketing. There were a few reasons why I chose to register with RemindMe:

  • Recommendation from a friend
  • No obligation to continue using the site
  • The system is very easy to use
  • Very helpful support staff

With business costs increasing and revenue decreasing, the business as a whole was on the decline so we had to act fast and utilise the mobile phone SMS technology that in essence we all use every day.

Over the course of a 5 week period all customers and potential customers were asked if they would like to sign up to our SMS marketing campaigns. We explained the benefits of signing up and also the fact that they could opt-out at any stage. We collected approximately 1200 mobile phone numbers over this period. We also marked each mobile number that we collected with either Male or Female. This helped us to determine which category the mobile number belonged to so we could target a specific category during our marketing campaigns. Once these details were collected we followed the instructions to import all the numbers into RemindMe...we were now in a position to start our first campaign.

We decided on Father's Day to be the first of such campaigns so we targeted the mobile numbers that were in the Female category. We also offered a reward of 10% discount to customers who presented the SMS message to a member of staff - this effectively was a "teaser" to all recipients of the SMS message. For the 2 week period prior to Father's Day our revenue had increased by 27% when compared to last year's figures. We also noticed that some of the customers purchased giftware that were not necessarily for Males. This method of marketing was working and we were now getting excited over the prospect of running more SMS marketing campaigns.

We continue to collect more and more customers to add to our SMS recipients list. We even had customers requesting to be added to this list. So far, the feedback is very well received and most importantly, our balance sheet has much improved when compared to previous years. I also must stress that I do not have to spend hours running these campaigns, RemindMe is so easy to use - a single SMS marketing campaign takes no more that 5-10 minutes...that's the beauty of it!

Thank you have saved my business.


What Our Clients Say

  • We are Sales & Letting Auctioneers in Co.Cork and we've been using RemindMe for the last 7 months. We now use RemindMe to manage all of this labour intensive work and as equally important...our phone bills have dramatically decreased as a result!

    Sales & Letting Auctioneers (Ireland)
  • Our costs and time have reduced considerably since we implemented RemindMe. Our clients often pay in instalments so a subtle scheduled SMS reminder helps when collecting funds.

    Travel Agent (United Kingdom)
  • Our revenue has increased by 27% since we started using RemindMe. We now run a targeted SMS marketing campaign every month and for special events i.e. Father's Day, the Communion period.
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    Giftware Shop (United Kingdom)
  • RemindMe is a very cost effective SMS marketing tool to generate that much needed extra revenue

    Ladies Boutique (County Cork, Ireland)
  • My sales have significantly increased since I started using the RemindMe's Bulk SMS service. It's very simple and straightforward but extremely effective. My old customers are coming back to me! Thank you!

    Home Heating Merchant (Ireland)
  • My surgery is now operating much more efficiently since I started using RemindMe. My patients also appreciate the "personal touch" of receiving the SMS appointment reminders. Thank you

    James (Ireland)
  • We easily migrated all of our contacts to RemindMe and we now use this system to manage all of our client communications and marketing campaigns. RemindMe is an easy and feature rich system and I recommend it 100%

    George (United Kingdom)
  • RemindMe is an easy to use and feature rich system and I recommend it 100%

    Pamela (County Dublin, Ireland)