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Our Features

Send SMS messages

Send SMS messages quickly and easily using our easy-to-use and intuitive web based solution - connect with you clients quickly and easily in a few easy steps.

Create SMS appointment reminders for specific events at a date and time specified by you. You can schedule text messages as a once off reminder or for recurring events.

RemindMe is a very cost effective way of managing events that are important to you whether it is for business or pleasure.

Schedule SMS messages

Schedule once-off or recurring SMS messages with our powerful web based SMS scheduler. Our aim is to benefit your business to reduce no-shows and late cancellations.

You have the full flexibility so that you can schedule SMS messages hourly, daily, weekly, monthly...quite simply for anytime that suits you!

Easily import and manage contacts and create distribution lists for your SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS messages

Use our high performance Bulk SMS messaging solution to deliver messages for your computer to any mobile device quickly and easily. Our aim was to make SMS mobile marketing available to "the many", not just "the few"

RemindMe recognises the importance of Bulk SMS as a marketing communication channel. We deliver a very straightforward web-based SMS solution that is accessible to all types of business people irrespective of computer skills.

Our aim was to make Mobile Marketing available to "the many", not just "the few" and to provide a cost effective and easy-to-use Bulk SMS solution.

In a few very easy steps you can start generating more revenue for your business.

2-Way SMS messaging

2-Way SMS messaging is widely used on print advertising, TV and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising.

Essentially, 2-Way SMS messaging has become extrememly popular over the last number of years and enables you to communciate with your customers proactively.

They enable the recipient to:

  • Respond to a promotion or offer
  • Request more information to be sent immediately to the mobile phone; 24/7
  • Register interest for your promotion or event
  • Request a call-back
  • Receive a promotional mobile coupon or discount voucher
  • Register a vote or take part in a poll / survey
  • Receive a link to your mobile website


Why use 2-Way SMS messaging?

  • Provide great brand experience.
  • Raise or maintain brand awareness.
  • The response from a customer is almost immediate. Your marketing budget benefits round the clock; engaging directly with the consumer - not missing the moment!
  • To start your relationship with customers before the competition does.
  • With every response your company's details are sent back to the responder's mobile phone. People are more likely to action information stored on their mobile phone than an email sitting in their inbox (...waiting to be opened!).
  • 2-Way SMS messaging enables you to instantly measure the success of dual marketing activities; 24/7 - Reporting is real-time.
  • They enable you to capture the mobile phone number of each responder to make follow up calls to - We instantly provide you with this information.
  • A mobile response is the preferred contact media for a growing number of customers.


If you are interested in our 2-Way SMS messaging then please contact us to learn more.

More Features...

  • Setup is easy - in 2 easy steps you can start using RemindMe
  • FREE switching service from your current provider!
  • Use all 459 characters
  • 2-Way SMS messaging
  • No Monthly Fees or contracts
  • No adverts - we do not include adverts on our SMS alerts
  • Purchased credits NEVER expire
  • Bulk import of SMS reminders
  • Bulk import of your contacts
  • Create templates for your most commonly sent reminders
  • Once-off and recurring SMS text message reminders
  • Bulk SMS text messaging - perfect for marketing campaigns
  • Account management and financial reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Easy to use Calendar view of sent and scheduled SMS alerts
  • Delivery & status reports

What Our Clients Say

  • We are Sales & Letting Auctioneers in Co.Cork and we've been using RemindMe for the last 7 months. We now use RemindMe to manage all of this labour intensive work and as equally important...our phone bills have dramatically decreased as a result!

    Sales & Letting Auctioneers (Ireland)
  • Our costs and time have reduced considerably since we implemented RemindMe. Our clients often pay in instalments so a subtle scheduled SMS reminder helps when collecting funds.

    Travel Agent (United Kingdom)
  • Our revenue has increased by 27% since we started using RemindMe. We now run a targeted SMS marketing campaign every month and for special events i.e. Father's Day, the Communion period. Click here to see our case study

    Giftware Shop (United Kingdom)
  • RemindMe is a very cost effective SMS marketing tool to generate that much needed extra revenue

    Ladies Boutique (County Cork, Ireland)
  • My sales have significantly increased since I started using the RemindMe's Bulk SMS service. It's very simple and straightforward but extremely effective. My old customers are coming back to me! Thank you!

    Home Heating Merchant (Ireland)
  • My surgery is now operating much more efficiently since I started using RemindMe. My patients also appreciate the "personal touch" of receiving the SMS appointment reminders. Thank you

    James (Ireland)
  • We easily migrated all of our contacts to RemindMe and we now use this system to manage all of our client communications and marketing campaigns. RemindMe is an easy and feature rich system and I recommend it 100%

    George (United Kingdom)
  • RemindMe is an easy to use and feature rich system and I recommend it 100%

    Pamela (County Dublin, Ireland)